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Why Bornholm

Bornholm has been chosen as a test island because

  • 75% of the electricity produced on Bornholm and 45% of the electricity used, come from wind, solar and biomass. And there is more to come.
  • The high share of renewable energy in the electricity grid makes Bornholm a unique test facility for future smart electricity grids, i.e. Smart Grid.grid
  • Because of the location, the electricity supply on Bornholm can be isolated from other electricity grids, which ensures more accurate data.
  • Moreover, Bornholm’s power grid is connected to the rest of the world by only one
    connection: a long submarine cable laid to Sweden. This makes it possible to isolate the island for electricity purposes and monitor the volume of electricity imported and exported by the island. Accordingly, the impact of changes and new factors can be determined with unprecedented accuracy.
  • Furthermore, Bornholm represents about 1% of Denmark, 1% of the Danish population and accounts for 1% of the country’s combined energy consumption, which facilitate the comparison of data.
  • In addition, Bornholm is a complete ‘miniature society’ with a hospital, schools, houses, shops, restaurants, hotels, work places, families etc. Therefore, it is attractive to make full-scale tests on the island.
  • There is broad political support in making Bornholm a prototype of the energy system of the future.