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In partnership between the association Energy Innovation Bornholm, which consists of BOFA, Bornholms Forsyning, Rønne Vand & Varme and Østkraft along with the municipal traffic company, BAT, Teknik & Miljø and the Growth Forum Secretariat in the Regional Municipality of Bornholm, as well as the private modelling and simulation company, Logics Aps.

Østkraft (Bornholm’s own energy company)
The people of Bornholm have their own energy company – Østkraft is owned by the regional municipality of Bornholm and thus owned by all people living on Bornholm.
Østkraft sells electricity to both private individuals and trade customers – on Bornholm as well as the rest of Denmark. More than 4,500 customers outside of Bornholm have chosen Østkraft as their supplier.
Through a number of development projects, Østkraft also contributes to make Bornholm an even greener island. Østkraft is active in solar and heat pump projects, and they actively participate in the development of the Ecogrid EU intelligent electrical system, which makes it possible to replace fossil fuels with an even larger part of renewable energy. In addition to that, they maintain street lighting, produce district heating and more.

BOFA (Bornholm’s waste company)
BOFA is authorised to carry out the waste disposal tasks in Bornholm, combining planning and establishing recycling systems and running the necessary facilities to process the recycling of waste from all of Bornholm.

Bornholms Forsyning (provides district heating)
A municipal utility company, that produces carbon-neutral district heating based on straw and woodchips. A new plant generates 23,000 MWh a year and supply heat to around 1,300 households.
Furhtermore Bornholms Forsyning supplies approximately 435 households with straw-fired heat from district heating plants located in Klemensker and Lobbæk.

Regional Municipality of Bornholm
Bornholm wants it’s future to be 100% green; a carbon-neutral community based on sustainable, renewable energy. They will supply a number of innovative green solutions for our benefit and for the benefit of the whole world. The island has implemented a number of green solutions to the big problems facing the world today and we are constantly working to further improve them.