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For extra fee, incl. one hotel night extra and adjusted flight home on Friday morning
Extra Tour A (2 hours)  – Renewable Energy – Windpower. Destinations: Ostkraft and the turbines in Kalby
img_i_solution_730537ded273a1e92.48266458_origWind energy is an extremely important source of renewable energy on Bornholm – and an abundant resource. Bornholm’s mid-Baltic location is ideal for exploiting wind energy. At present, the island has 35 wind turbines with a total capacity of 30 MW; 33% of the island’s electricity is generated by wind turbines.
This visit comprises a presentation of the generation and use of wind energy on Bornholm and a tour of the wind-turbine site in Kalby. The three 100-metre-tall wind turbines in Kalby, with 60-metre towers, are owned by the local power utility Østkraft. In 2011 the Kalby turbines generated a total of 16,483 MWh and supplied 4,000 Bornholm households with electricity, equivalent to a reduction in carbon emissions of 7,100 tonnes a year!
OUTCOME: Give participants an overview of the use of wind energy on Bornholm, including its future technological development and inherent potential.
Extra Tour B (1.5 – 2 hours) – Water Quality & Treatment, while saving Energy. Destination Bornholms Forsyning A/S
img_i_solution_726537ded273c3b81.34122775_origBornholms Forsyning A/S is the municipal utility supplying water and managing the entire island’s sewer system and wastewater. Wastewater is purified at several waste-treatment plants on the island.
The processes of supplying water and managing wastewater require large amounts of energy, and Bornholms Forsyning A/S has set the goal of reducing its power consumption by 39% by 2020 at the latest. Visitors are introduced to the water supply and sewer system, including a presentation of the wastewater purification process and a tour at a wastewater treatment plant and water works, as preferred.
OUTCOME: Provide insight into the management of Bornholm’s water supply and wastewater and into efforts to improve these systems environmentally, saving energy and to handle larger volumes of rainwater.
Extra Tour C (1.5 – 2.0 hours) – Demonstration & Future houses – Green Construction. Destination Business Center Bornholm
profile_largepicture_4925_1200x320Bornholm’s construction sector is actively focused on green building solutions, energy efficiency and energy refurbishment and has been working for years to develop the sector to bring it up to par with international standards.

Case 1: Unique green building concept
The financial crisis and climate-related challenges have inspired the construction industry to create unique building solutions in a small village. The Bornholm construction sector has created two green solutions in the areas of low heating use and inexpensive construction. Both projects have resulted in extremely low heating costs, healthy indoor climates and knowledge of how to live in a green house.
Case 2: Passive houses
In a place like Bornholm with many old buildings and strict local development plans and building codes, comprehensive energy refurbishment can be very challenging. Nevertheless, a local builder has successfully constructed a certified energy-refurbished passive house in its original framework. This private building project is also available for demonstration purposes.
Case 3: Green refurbishment and energy efficiency
The Regional Municipality of Bornholm has decided to invest in energy refurbishment, energy efficiency and solar-panel solutions for municipal buildings within a three-year period. The project comprises energy efficiency in terms of both heat and power. Sixty buildings are expected to be energy refurbished, and almost 20 of these will be connected to a solar panel system.
Case 4: Luxury summer home based on sustainable green concepts
A summer-home building project is being launched and will embody sustainable materials, energy-efficient solutions and electronics. The homes will be constructed of local wood and stone and will be clad with black slate which is maintenance free for years. The homes are designed to “think” in terms of what is best for the environment and generate their own power and heat from nature, and their heating and electronics systems can be operated by the owner using a mobile phone. This case involves not only green solutions but also the creation of a healthy indoor climate.
Case 5: Green education for the construction sector
The entire construction sector on Bornholm has taken an interest in making Bornholm greener and gives high priority to the Bright Green Island vision. The sector has joined forces with Campus Bornholm (the local upper secondary educational centre) to take the initiative to a green builder training programme. As a result, Bornholm’s construction sector has the highest rate of supplementary training in energy refurbishment in Denmark: 25% of all builders on Bornholm have completed the Green Builder training course.
Outcome: These visits can be customised to suit your interests. We can show you all or some of the projects. We also offer general lectures about the projects, the lessons learned and what Bornholm has to offer.