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Programme Day 3
Thursday 2 June 2015 
08.30 Breakfast with all participants
Programme at Green Solution House, Rønne
09.30 Module 10 – IDE4L – the distribution network of the future, which will manage challenges of renewable-energy from wind mills, solar cells, heat pumps, EVs etc. 
Mirva Seppänen, Development manager, Ideal Grid for All (IDE4L) (to be confirmed)
Presentation and panel discussion
Østkraft participates in the project along with Telvent Energia S.A. (Spain), TUT – Tampere University of Technology (Finland), DTU – Denmark Technical University (Denmark), RWTH – Aachen University (Germany) UC3M – University Carlos III of Madrid (Spain), KTH – Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden), DE – Danish Energy Association (Denmark), IREC – Catalonia Institute for Energy Research (Spain), A2A – Reti Elettriche Spa (Italy) and Unión Fenosa Distribución S.A. (Spain). The budget is 8 mil. Euro.
Our current distribution network is passive. The electricity companies produce power. The consumers use the power when they need to. The energy sources of the future, such as wind and solar, destroy the balance of electricity supply by sometimes producing more power than the consumers can consume. IDE4L develops methods that will reduce the need for conductance or secure a better usage of renewable energy. The goal is to utilize the technology for making distribution systems that can handle a flexible consumption of electricity and a flexible production.
10.30 Module 11 – The BGTI Model
Steen Søgaard, Senior Partner, Logics (to be confirmed)
BGTI is a simulation model which aims to make the test results from Bornholm more applicable and refined.
Plainly speaking, the BGTI simulation model can “translate” the Bornholm test results in the area of environment and energy so they are applicable to other local communities. The union Energiudvikling Bornholm (EUB) runs the project. It consists of BOFA, Bornholms Forsyning, Østkraft, Business Center Bornholm and Rønne Vand og Varme A/S. Furthermore, BAT, the transport company of Bornholm, also participates in the strategy project along with the centers for technology and environment and for business, education and employment of the Regional Municipality of Bornholm. The Bornholm-based business Logics ApS also participates in the project and is responsible for the database, programming and modelling work on the Bornholm simulation model.
The DNA of the project can be described in two sentences: good and smart decisions acquire knowledge. Good and smart decisions produce better results.
• Therefore, the project will increase the cooperation between the energy operators on Bornholm, and gather all the qualifications and knowledge resources in one forum.
• The strategy will be based on a unique, locally developed simulation model that will analyse the energy consumption in detail on Bornholm. The model can create different scenarios that can form the basis of making the right energy political decisions in the long run.
• The project also contains a number of measures directed at the transport area, studies of geothermal energy, consequences of the resource strategy, sea-based wind turbines, possibilities of storing energy by for instance using hydrogen technology.
Furthermore, the project will
• benchmark experience with the simulation model with the tools of the Energistyrelse (energy council) for strategic energy planning.
• attempt to identify potential industrial symbioses in order to reduce the consumption of biomass and waste products/commodities.
• convey a shared history, which supports the implementation of the strategic energy planning and the Bright Green Island strategy.
•demonstrate the simulation tools and inspire other municipalities and regions into exploiting the experience from Bornholm.
11.30 Interactive Closing Session – Feedback from participants and discussions with all partners involved
12.30 Closing of Day III
Packed lunch. Participants leave for departure from Bornholm airport or participate in extra Guided Tours.