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Bornholm (nearly 40,000 inhabitants) is a Danish island (588 km2) in the Baltic Sea, 37 km from the southern tip of Sweden and 135 km from Danish mainland. It is the sunniest part of Denmark and the size of Bornholm makes everything within easy reach and encourages comprehensive renewable-energy tours and tailored sessions.

Getting there is easy. One airline provides 8-9 daily flights from Copenhagen on weekdays, and the flying time is 30 minutes! By train, car or bus and one of the fastest ferries in the world, the trip takes max. 3 hours (from Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Poland).

It is Bornholm’s Bright Green Island project goal to become a 100% sustainable and carbon-free community by 2025; a community which creates local, sustainable and eco-friendly solutions, growth and new business. A community which shows the world how a small island can take qualified steps towards coping with urgent global challenges such as scarce resources and the greenhouse effect.